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Indi PhD Kitty

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Hi, I'm Indi. 

I was born on a farm close to Saskatoon. My human mama bribed me with chicken, and I was hooked! I turned into a house cat, so I could have regular meals and sleep all day.

My ma makes me sit and give High Fives for my canned food in the evenings, which is a small price to pay for my meal. Other than that I keep myself entertained with watching the traffic, playing with my toys and throwing my ma's hair ties into my water dish.

I recently got a baby sister. She torments me, and I hiss and bat her, but I always need to be there for her meal times because then she is occupied and I get a snack.

We'll include some of my training videos online for your entertainment! Kitten owners: check out our training videos!

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The newest addition to this site is Indi's Reviews. Take a look at our reviews on cat items for cat lovers!

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