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Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Last weekend I was at the Abu Dhabi National Pro for Canada, helping out as a ring coordinator. We started the day around 9 am, and after packing up the mats it was around 8 pm. BUT, I didn't think about work allll day! I needed the mental break, despite being exhausted from it. It meant that this work week felt more manageable. I started the work week with a fresh mind.

Now I'm on vacation, and it's just started. Over the years I have found out that my mental sanity with work is better if I can take a break and get away every 6 months or so. When you suffer from seasonal depression, winter time is the best time to take a sunny destination vacation to get your Vitamin D. My husband will be working, but I'm here to play. I booked a private lesson with a no gi instructor at the local 10th Planet - which is the one that Eddie Bravo started. I'm going to ask her how to set up the rubber guard, since I can use that in the gi as well. Today, we went out to Sunset Blvd. There is a chain of vegan restaurants called Fresh, and they have locations in Toronto, where I had been in the past, but I wanted to go to an L.A. locatikn while we were here. We picked up our rental vehicle, and drove out that way. Getting out of the car it’s 20 degrees Celcius in the winter and it’s perfect! The food was soooo good! I was just so happy that I wanted to cry. I think my hubby understands now.

It’s been a few days, but I’m back to blogging and I wanted to say, I’m feeling fulfilled! I went for my private lesson with Jennifer Dietrick. She’s a brown belt at 10th Planet LA HQ. I’m pleased that she was able to throw me a bunch of techniques in using rubber guard.

Later, my hubby says he posted a video of me. Literally, a day before we flew out here, I was watching a video he linked me with on the rubber guard, and how Eddie was doing it for jiu jitsu. It makes sense, from an MMA standpoint that you need to incorporate attacks and holding positions that don’t use the gi when practicing MMA. He was saying how proud he is of me, for being brave, and just going for things.

Afterwards, we drove around and looked at some of the Hollywood houses and the sign, again getting some sunshine in. We talked about what it would be like to move here. Would it be difficult to live the sun to move back to Canada? Maybe...

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