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My Fur Babies

Indi best photo.JPG

Hi, I'm Indi. 

I was born on a farm close to Saskatoon. My human mama bribed me with chicken, and I was hooked! I turned into a house cat, so I could have regular meals and sleep all day.

My ma trained me a few tricks, but since I'm the eldest daughter, she has given me more freedom in the house. Basically, I'm the Queen of the home. 

A few years back, my ma brought a man home and he never left. Then they acquired a runty looking kitten. She torments me, so I spend my time in our bedroom away from that beast. Things have gotten a lot better for me since ma brought home a puppy. We have an entire cupboard full of treats and the puppy occupies the runt so I get some relief!

We'll include some of my training videos online for your entertainment and education!

Indi little4.jpg

This is YoYo aka YoYo the Menace, aka YoYo Fuzzy

When she was 3 weeks old she fell into a wall. Once rescued, her fur-mother did not want her back, so she was bottle fed by my ma and the tall guy that seems to be living with us permanently.

At first it was scary, because it was bigger than 3 mice, but purred a lot. When she was a bit bigger I thought maybe we could be friends, but then she started stalking me. So not cool. I started lashing out, and well slashing... so my ma put me on a medication to help with my fear, anxiety and frustrations. So I know longer slash the ankles of the tall guy, we're even amicable again.

The best relief from YoYo's incessant harassment however has been adding the puppy.


Like I said, ma brought home a puppy. I'm no stranger to well-behaving dogs. Like my cousin Tonka, and my friend Roger, may they rest in peace.

So Cola is the youngest daughter. She's absolutely spoiled, but you should see our treat cupboard! 

Anyway, Cola is a rescue from northern Saskatchewan, the same province that I was born! Cola and her siblings were abandoned after their fur-mother died. A rescue brought them to BC and that tall guy saw her and said she was the perfect puppy.

She's ok, I guess... I have to compete for ma's attention with those other two fur-monsters, but I'm the only one that gets to sleep in the king sized bed with ma and the tall guy. While I would prefer to have my ma all to myself, I basically get the king bed allllll day when ma is at work. So there's that!

Have a look around our site to see if there is anything that interests you. I have modelled for nail trimming videos, clicker training and shaping behaviours, so I figure I can enjoy retirement now!

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