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Crazy Online Review??

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

I’m not here to put people down for writing an emotionally charged review online. It happens in every industry.

The difference is that in the veterinary industry, most veterinarians are type A perfectionists. We want everything to be perfect. When someone writes a bad review online we take it personally. In fact, I don’t read any of the reviews, as a personal protective mechanism.

I was on Instagram today and saw a post by Dr. Tannetje Crocker about the clients that threaten to write a bad review. Her key point is ensuring you have great medical records. Your recommendations, and what the client has declined.

And then I was listening to Dr. Dave Nicol’s podcast The Blunt Dissection when he was interviewing Dr. Marty Becker, and this line resonated with me.

”Do not let that bad review devastate you”

One thing that I struggle with is, how do you ask that delightful client to write a good review? My perfect appointment is that incredibly grateful client with the sweet pet, who is just so happy that you had the time to see them that day.

Here is my thanks to those who take the time to mention the good work we do. We all strive to treat each animal as if they were our own, even in the restrictions of finances and untreatable illnesses.

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