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I Love My Job

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Have I told you lately that I am really enjoying my new job? For real! Every day has new challenges, but the anxiety that I had at my previous job didn't seem to follow me. I don't know if it's because of the larger space, and having more people around. It's not like there are more people to help me, there are actually fewer people to help me directly, because we have a lot of in hospital patients. Patients in recovery from surgery. Patients waiting for procedures or imaging. So, our staff is really pulled from one area to another.

So what is it that I am loving about my new job?

1) Having a consistent schedule.

I have a better work-life balance. Yes, it's COVID and I can't actually do anything outside of work, but I do enjoy my time off. My work schedule is truncated into 4 work days, and three days off in a row. So I actually feel refreshed after my weekend. I do spend an hour or three finishing up my medical records on one of those days, but it doesn't seem to drag on.

I have a consistent schedule. I think that is huge. Every day I start at the same time. I may not leave at the same time every day, but I don't have to get up really early to get to work for 8 am. If you can manage to get a consistent schedule, ask for it! I work the late shift every work day, but it works for me.

2) Clients are less demanding.

What was it at the previous clinic that I struggled with? We had very demanding clients. The folks in the current geographical area seem to be more laidback. I used to get anxious running late, and being slammed with work. I would hardly ever get time for my medical records. I don't think I am seeing fewer cases, at least production-wise I seem to be doing more. I even feel like the clients here listen more. Is that weird? They seem to want to take my advice instead of pushing back.

3) Having a great team.

There isn't anyone in my current team that I have butt heads with. All of our RVTs are skillful and I can rely on them without having to watch over them. No one is putting down anyone else. There does not seem to be a clique or any cattiness. Or maybe I am not seeing it. I think people are so busy with their work that they don't have time for arguments, or perhaps it's their personalities. Either way, I am enjoying working with this staff.

4) No dentistry.

I spend two years out not doing much with dentistry. Then got thrown into it with minimal training on my three year out. After breaking root tips and having to go hunt for them, I will gladly leave it up to the other doctors to perform dentistries!

5) Exotic pets.

Despite the fact that I am green with the exotic pets, I seem to remember a lot of what was taught in our exotics class. It could be the fact that I volunteered on my weekends throughout vet school assisting the ZEW service (zoo, exotic, wildlife) with whatever came to them. I am still very much learning, and have had a few hiccups along the way. But I think that if I had been a new graduate seeing the same cases, I would have cowered and told the reception team not to send any more my way. My medical director says that sometimes folks are just happy that you will see their exotic pet.

6) Ultrasound.

Even though the ultrasound machine that I have now is partially broken, the imaging it way better than what I was working with before!

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