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IVF converted to IUI

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Well, this happened. I went in for a follow up ultrasound and blood work today. Then I spoke with a different nurse. She was much more friendly and kindly answered my questions.

Tuesday I had two follicles, but I wasn’t told about my blood work results until today. So turned out my estrogen was also higher than it should be prior to starting IVF.

The above was the Day 3 assessment from Tuesday.

I had ordered one of those trendy and cute letter boards everyone is using on Instagram these days. I was excited to get going!

But, today I chatted with my doctor, my FSH had increased to 13 and my doctor didn’t think I would be able to get more follicles recruited. Then the ones that are there may not respond. So instead, we decided to go ahead with an IUI.

So. I had to change up my letter board a bit.

Sometimes things just do not go according to plan!

Everyone likes to know what protocols are being used. So, I am starting Gonal-F at 150iu once daily in the evening. I had my hubby do the first injection. The only thing to note is to hold the pen perpendicular once the needle goes in. Otherwise the needle starts to bend around inside your body. There was only some mild stinging. The medication smells like Cerenia though - which is gross. Oh well! We started! For those folks in the GTA and paying out of pocket, Glen Shields Pharmacy is more affordable. Very small mark up and no dispensing fee! The fertility medications are so expensive. This one pen of 900iu cost over $900.

Anyway, I have four days of stims, and then go in on Monday for the next ultrasound and blood work.

Wish us luck!

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