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Monday, Monday...

Actually this Monday I have off work. I didn’t sleep that well, but I wasn’t in a rush to get out of bed either. I had a few errands I needed to get done... but first, a healthy plant-based breakfast!

When transitioning to a predominately plant-based diet, I did a Google search. Since I still had meat in my freezer (and still do) I felt it would be easiest to do a slow transition. Most folks suggest to ADD things to your diet first, before taking things away. Amino acids come in protein, and there are some amino acids that your body cannot produce so you need to consume these essential amino acids in your diet. You don’t have to have complete protein in every meal, so eating a variety of plant sources will allow you to get those amino acids.

I just got back from the physiotherapist and he says I should be good to get back to training jiu jitsu - yay!! I’ve been working on my cardio, since that’s an important aspect of training. When I got home, the elevators were on ground. I waited for a minute, but then opted to take the stairs. I’ve taken the stairs before from the parking garage all the way to my floor on the 28th. Slow and steady, just keep breathing! Made it!

Indi was waiting for me, so when I plopped on the sofa, she came to snuggle with me. She’s pretty much the best at saying, hey let’s nap!

Next up will be deciding what to make for dinner. My mom gave me a plant-based recipe book for Christmas and in it has a brussel sprouts and ‘bacon’ recipe. It is really good - check out Oh She Glows for other ideas!

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