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Pandemic Puppies

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

By now I am sure you have already seen the news, that over 500 puppies were shipped from the Ukraine, stuffed in crates, with images of the crates wrapped in plastic wrap.

There are definitely unsuspecting new puppy owners in Toronto. I have met them. I have seen their new puppies.

I ask questions of the new pet parents. Where did you get your puppy? From Kijiji? It was delivered to you and you met at a gas station?

I am NOT kidding.

Your puppy's vaccine certificate is not Canadian. Some owners actually had no idea.

So how do you choose a puppy when you wish to add to your family?

If you wish to have a purebred anything meet the breeder. Meet the parents of the puppies. Ask a lot of questions. Ensure that you can be in contact with them during the first few weeks of your puppy's arrival. When you meet them, is the facility clean?

If you wish to have a rescue pup, learn about the rescue organization. Are they a registered charity? Those that are registered will have their Revenue Canada Charity Registration Number posted on their websites. Google can help you with this. These are not-for-profit organizations where the adoption fee covers their veterinary check-up and vaccination, deworming and flea medication, potentially their spay/castration if not already neutered, transportation if from a remote location, as well as any supplies necessary for their stay in the rescue or in foster care.

I know that it now seems obvious. But do not take the convenient route of having the puppy delivered to you, just because they will be in the area. Buyer Beware.


Click here for more information on Anxiety in COVID puppies. #pandemicpuppies

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