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Take time for you

My husband asked me this morning if I wanted to go to the gym with him. We have a gym in our building, which means we don’t even have to go outside in the snow. I can’t say I wanted to go, but I’m happy that I went.

I worked on a lot of exercises for my wrists. I’m happy to report that I can do a lot of the movements we do when we warm up for training at BJJ. I figured that if I can get through the warm up exercises, that I’ll be ok to go back to training. I really miss it and the ladies I train with. It’s a good support network. It’s not just that the workout is like no other, but we become close with our training partners. Support each other in many ways. A lot of the ladies got their blue belts in December and I haven’t been back to train with them since. It’ll be rough to go back. I remember being nervous after my neck injury, about having lost some of my skills.

I run now, to keep up my cardio for BJJ. I push weights at the gym, to stay strong for BJJ. I hope to go to the world Master competition one year - set that as a personal life time goal. One day, when I’m not going for other goals!

So I am thankful for my husband motivating me to get out of bed and get moving because I needed it.

Hubby Rowing

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