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TikTok for Vets?

Updated: Apr 27

Well, I finally and reluctantly created a TikTok account. I'm not hip nor do I keep up with the newest trends. However, I do see the value in the reach that TikTok can make when it comes to trying to educate folks.

Dr Serena on TikTok

I kind of knew this going in, that the most popular posts would be similar to my Instagram account - the gross things.

I posted this video two days ago and it has 64k views and close to a thousand likes.

*shrug* If that's what people want to watch!

I just wanted to come on here to mention it, just in case you are on that platform. A lot of the videos are shared from TikTok on to my instagram, so if you're not a TikTokker, then you'll still get similar content there! So far most of the posts are of YoYo. I haven't introduced YoYo on my blog yet, so I guess I should also get to her story!

But other than YoYo, my plan is to share a few of the cases in quick video format to supplement what I am posting on here.

Cheers and hope you're having a good week!

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