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TTC - what’s your story?

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

If you’re like me and live in Toronto and you see TTC you think about transit - streetcars, subway, busses. But, if you’re also like me and you’re a 39-year-old woman recently married and wanting a baby, you see those letters differently.

My husband and I got married last summer, and we started Trying To Conceive in August. Sadly for my husband, since he married a woman with a Master's degree in reproduction, everything is scientific for me. I’m either monitoring my basal body temperature or peeing on an LH strip trying to find the perfect window for making a baby. For couples who have struggled to get pregnant, they are sitting there nodding and understanding. My ex boyfriend and his wife were TTC a few years back and he was telling me that it isn't fun anymore. (They have since had a baby girl who is adorable, so congrats to them!) I just want to say, I understand your perspective (you men, including my husband), but I also hate those people who think AND say that just relaxing and letting it happen will work. I say hate in the strongest aspect of the word, because unless you are like me with advanced maternal age and suffered loss of a pregnancy, you don't get it. This blog post is not for you, sorry, and also, not sorry.

This post is for the supportive TTC community online. There are thousands upon thousands of women in the same boat as me. Every story different, with similarities. So this is my story, what is yours?

It's Monday morning, I received a packaged over the weekend from my mom. She's a doTERRA ambassador, salesperson, supporter and one of my top supporters. So, I started taking the LLV, drinking grapefruit oil in my water and taking the phytoestrogen. My step-brother's wife runs a doTERRA Facebook group and she posted this link to different protocols to support women who are TTC. My current struggle in my fatigue. Seasonal depression does that to you. Winter seems never-ending, and I just cannot wait for our vacation (soooooon!). I know, I just ranted about being scientific and timing everything perfectly, the thing is. I know that we tried at the perfect time, I know that there are about 6 days in the fertile window to TTC, and I also know that I used to have a very regular menstrual cycle. Like clockwork. Since TTC, my cycle has been off. I had one positive pregnancy test in October which I suspect I miscarried really early. Miscarriage for those in the TTC community already know, is quite common. But just because it's common does not mean it isn't emotional for the women (and husbands) involved. The toughest part is that for someone who is meticulous in their professional work, you just cannot control it. So these supplements, what I put into my body and how I go about my day, I can control. There is a little bit of peace (not the peace roller) in having this control for someone like me.

So, it's LLV morning and night, still taking the prenatal vitamin my family doctor recommended, and still taking the Zoloft she prescribed. I have an 8 week follow up on the meds with my doctor tomorrow, and we will go from there.

I also went to a free consult with a reproductive acupuncturist. I have my first session with her on Thursday. So I'll have some exciting news to post in this topic soon.

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