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Coming "Home"

I have a small and yet exciting announcement I wanted to share. I officially signed a contract to start at a new practice in B.C. This weekend, I am studying for my licensing for that province.

For those of you who know me, or have been reading along, I was born and raised in B.C. I moved away from "home" in 2008 in pursuit of my veterinary career. After jumping provinces, I then was in Saskatoon for my veterinary school. Finally landing in Toronto for the past three years. I have been practicing in the GTA as a small animal practitioner.

This is slightly different than what I was planning on doing. Prior to my acceptance into veterinary school, I wanted to start in a mixed animal practice, with the ultimate goal to specialize. I planned my third and fourth year rotations with this in mind. Even pursuing my Master's degree. Reproduction and wildlife conservation have always been passions of mine throughout my early college days. I think I mentioned that I wrote a letter to an old friend about this. I had a taste of working in reproduction in Wood Bison as part of the One Reproductive Health group at the University of Saskatchewan. I loved those days at the bison farm. The ultimate goal was to be able to collect and preserve genetic material to improve the diversity and conservation of the Wood Bison, being able to produce offspring that were free of pathogens such as Brucellosis.

Things have changed for me. I am now married. My sister moved away from the province in the early days of the COVID restrictions. As you know, my husband and I wish to build a family. Toronto just does not offer the kind of life that my husband and I wish for our future family. I also miss my adorable nieces so much, the whole reason for moving out here in the first place is gone.

I think many of my colleagues have had to change their paths. Many going through the match system, hoping to gain a spot in the few seats in the residency of their choice. Those really wishing they had matched to a surgical residency, but having to take yet another internship, in a different speciality altogether. It is good to have a back-up plan, and as my mentor in my Masters said, to then have a back-up plan for the back-up plan. Life will throw you curve balls. No one knew we would be sitting here having to handle curbside medicine in a global pandemic.

I am just so happy that we have such a diverse profession! Stay tuned for more information as I go forward in this next phase of my veterinary journey!


To learn more about my story on how I became a Veterinarian head here.

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