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Merck Veterinary Manual app

Updated: Apr 27

Today I was looking up malignant hyperthermia because I couldn’t remember all the details.

My source for those random diseases is the Merck Veterinary Manual. I just discovered that they have an app version that you can easily access on your phone. That is of course if you have a smart phone!

There are a couple calculators in the app. There is a chocolate toxicity calculator. You enter the body weight of your patient, the amount of chocolate they consumed and then the type of chocolate.

Then it will tell you how much methylxanthines were consumed and whether this is a toxic dose and the patient needs to seek emergency care.

I typically use the chocolate calculate on VIN, because it has fun drawings. But VIN* you have to pay for and the Merck Veterinary Manual is free online, and the app!

The Merck vet manual is like the bible of vet medicine. You can’t go wrong studying anything in there if you are studying for board exams. It’s very easy to search a disease that you want to read about. In the app you can search as well, or use their category list to locate a topic.

I do have a hard copy of the book, which I got prior to vet school. This would be a good book to find if you happen to be in a remote area and do not have internet or mobile services. The online version will be the most up-to-date, but some of the information has stayed the same so even if you find an older version it will still be useful.

Do NOT read it front to back, and don’t think that you have to memorize every detail for your boards either!

In fact, if you are studying for the NAVLE, there is a seminar series for NAVLE on VIN that is very useful. I think it is offered every spring and fall. Worthwhile so that you can focus your studying more.

Anyway! Check out the Merck Vet Manual app and let me know what you think!

*Just a note on VIN. VIN membership is FREE for veterinary students. Sign up and enjoy the membership while you’re in vet school!

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