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Moving During a Global Pandemic

My husband and I moved across the country during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We arrived in BC in the middle of December. We were hearing about cases of COVID-19 going up. People boarding planes while knowing they had the virus.

Sadly, we cannot rely on people to be honest and forefront. Since I was PUPO when we left Ontario, my doctor told me not to fly while undergoing treatment. One reason was due to the possibility of ectopic pregnancy, but the other reason was that air travel was not recommended and not safe due to SARS-CoV2.

As soon as we knew that our protocol was being changed from IUI to TI (timed intercourse), I put the ball in motion. Booked a rental vehicle. Mapped out our drive across country. Booked hotels or motels along the way - avoiding all of the major city centres that had positive COVID-19 cases. I thought, hey, hubby has not seen Banff, let's make a short jaunt there and then he could see real mountains. Scheduled a UHaul box for pre-loading to empty the storage locker. Scheduled a UHaul box and hauling to BC. I had already shipped my hubby's vehicle, so shipping my vehicle was going to be the last item on the list. Sent information to my realtor about renting out the condo. Everything was organized in less than a week!

Last minute, hubby needs to make a stop in Vancouver to pick up some equipment for his new job. You can imagine that I was a bit disgruntled since I had everything already planned! So, that little stop in Banff was brief. He didn't get to experience anything in the daylight and we drove past my dad's place to get to Vancouver, and then drove back the next day.

I started at my new job on Dec 14th. I can tell you that the Okanagan folks are not nearly as strict as those in Toronto, but I am at least glad that people are being forced to wear masks if they are coming into the clinic. The last thing I want is to get SARS-CoV2!

I just thought I would share a couple photos from the trip. My phone had gone crazy, so I'm not sure how many I actually have left, but there are a few at least!

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