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New Director, New Direction

This is just a quick shout out to our new medical director. Remember the other day when I was so anxious I thought maybe I was going to keel over from a panic attack? Well, I got to work early, attempted to get some of my records done before the staff came in, I even had to shut the door to the office to get some quiet time when the assistant came in chattering. Honestly, I do not mean to be rude, but the level of my anxiety was way too high to be tolerant of people.

Then, the other full time associate came in. Wednesday is our first overlap day after our weekends. Our medical director was working part time, so I felt a lack of direction. I had found out over the weekend that she had accepted the position to step into this management role. I congratulated her, and told her what had transpired the day before. Immediately she says, ok, we are going to have rounds this morning before we open. All staff to the treatment area, gathered around the computer. We have a pow-wow and then my anxiety lifts. Yes! Finally some direction! Two vets, two techs, two assistants and one receptionist. Each doctor gets their own tech and assistant, that's their priority, and then help out here and there. Don't forget to answer the phones to help out!

So yesterday, I was still trying to get some of the records done throughout the day from Tuesday's appointments, and our new medical director took it upon herself to take one of the appointments I had scheduled just so I could have some more time to finish. It was just so relieving to have that pressure lifted. Today, I am less anxious. Not just because I have the day off, but because of my medical director. Don't forget to send words of gratitude to those who deserve it!

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