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NIAW: Take Control

Updated: Apr 27

Thank-you to everyone who has been joining me along this journey. I try to share my perspective in the hopes that it will help other women who are on the TTC journey as well. The main thing is: You are not alone.

Part of why it can be difficult is because we feel helpless. As I mentioned, during COVID-19 we are restricted in the services that are available to us. Despite what our doctors and fertility specialists say, that a few months aren't going to harm your overall chances of conceiving, we cannot within ourselves believe that this is true.

To conclude this week of National Infertility Awareness, I wanted to provide insight that can relieve the anxiety that couples are feeling.

Take control over the things that you can control. Having self-awareness is so important.

Find happiness in other aspects of your life. Maybe it's music or art. Maybe there is a YouTube yoga or pilates or to destress with a full body workout (intermediate or beginners). Maybe you have a dog you can get out with. Breathe. Maybe there is a great healthy recipe blog that you can find. What you put in your body you can control. Be mindful of the amount you drink, smoke or toke. I wrote about hormones, stress and it's affect on sleep - so prior to ovulation and prior to menses, make sure you are doing something to preserve your sleep.

If you are depressed or anxious, focus on treating those disorders. Build a support system by communicating to your family and friends what you need during this phase of your life. Let them know to not take offense when you are having an off-day. Forgive yourself when you do.

Remember that every woman’s journey is different. Have compassion for other people’s struggles, and remember that this is their story, you tell yours.

If you missed the previous posts, head here to start. Or click on any of the links below.

Feel free to e-mail or message me if you have questions, or just want someone to talk to about your journey.

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