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Summer Nights as a Veterinarian

How many veterinarians finish their medical records during their scheduled work day?! Kudos to you! I salute you! I am not one of those...

Here I am, Friday evening. I had to pick up groceries on the way home, COVID style, click and collect, because I will pay $3 for someone to pick the groceries for me and not stand in line. The hubby wanted something from the liquor store, which meant another trip out after I got home with perishables, and showered the COVID off me.

So it’s now after 8, and I am just settling down after dinner to finish my medical records. I am so fortunate to have my new cozy corner on my balcony to relax, have a drink and type. I need to take advantage of these summer nights while I can!

Anyone else have a cozy corner for records?

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