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Sunday Thankfulness

It’s Sunday afternoon, and I have spent my day sleeping in. Mind you, it was warranted since I had a wicked case of nausea and hugging the porcelain last night that I can only connect to the incredibly tasty meal that I prepared, from the GoodFood meal kit. Oh well!! At least it was a Saturday night!!

So, hubby and I went out for Vegan Donuts at a local shop on Bloor Street. They are freaking good! So good that I have eaten two already.

What else do I do on a Sunday afternoon? Usually I have medical records to type, because I spend so much time during my work day doing other things that I never make time to finish my records during the work day. Sometimes I am lazy or like last night, sick, and I don’t finish them the day of. I used to get very panicky and anxious about not finishing them. They get done within two to three days, and for the most part, I have made some notes in them, I usually just have my assessment and plan section to finish. But, today, the Remote Desktop wouldn’t connect, which I take as a sign to just lounge around on my patio furniture and blog or read! Happy Sunday folks!

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