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Where’s your happy place?

Updated: Feb 11, 2020

I’ve already mentioned that I train BJJ. I went back this morning after being off for just over two months. I am incredibly happy! There is something about the environment and the training that is like no other. Joe Rogan summarizes it well in an interview... we have a physiological response to stress, which is important. It is how we survived as a species through evolution. In modern days, the stress in our lives is much different, and a lot of the time the stress response that our bodies amount is heightened in an illogical way. We aren’t being chased down by predators. Joe says that jiu jitsu people are generally calmer, and I agree. Once you are able to put your body through stress and overcome that stress, through breathing and the problem solving, you are high on the survival as an accomplishment. Your brain says, you survived that life or death situation! Then on top of that endorphin high, there is the camaraderie, you have an understanding with your training partners of the mutual benefits that you get from training. This is why I train at Toronto BJJ and why it is my happy place. They have dedicated women's classes, which builds your mental strength as well as physical strength. We have the option to train with men, but I have been in positions with larger male training partners that actually heightens my anxiety. Being that it was my first day back, I was worried that I was going to be anxious, instead I was excited. I chose one of the women's only classes, with an instructor that has an excellent understanding and rapport with all her students. It felt good that she chose me as her demo person as well. I was excited to see some of the ladies who I haven’t seen in months, excited to train, and I even sat out for the rolling period. But just to sit and watch them roll made me happy. It just reiterates my need for it. Jiu jitsu is addictive, but I think in a healthy way.

After training, I walked past a new store front that I hadn't seen before. It was a Vegan Donuts place.

How could I not??

I texted my husband, whom I knew was at our home working out at the gym, and said I was going to be a bad influence.

These were soooo satisfying. Especially the sour cream glazed one!

Some people who train jiu jitsu, or work out, say that they do it so that they can eat whatever they want. I am not training for a competition, so I don't really need to worry about what weight class I fall into right now!

Speaking of competitions, on Feb 22nd, there is a big competition in Toronto. It's the Abu Dhabi National Pro Jiu-Jitsu Championship. I'm volunteering to help out at the event, likely as a mat coordinator. I will post about it after the event!

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