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Wild Dreams

Last night, I had a terrible dreams.

First was about a client, his partner, and their puppy who had pancreatitis - in life, the puppy does not have pancreatitis, yet. Haha. But pup is running about and then the client’s partner morphs into an old client of mine who I saw every week for a few months when I was treating her cat for chronic kidney disease. To be honest, there was some more strangeness to the dream, but I can’t recall. Waking up, and startled by my husband’s snoring. I’m awake for a bit, go online, do some reading, and finally say I should try to sleep again.

The second was a bizarre non vet related dream where my friend and I were being “hunted” by not just one, but two serial killers, whom we actually ended up killing “in self defence“. At least that’s what I think it was supposed to be. I’m not sure how it worked out that one guy fell into a garbage truck while it was compressing. The other also perished in another skull crushing manner like sending a body through a wood chipper, very Fargo-style. Waking up, again, what the heck are these wild dreams about?

The third one, I’m at the zoo I worked my first zoo job at, but it’s not really a zoo, it’s more like an escape room style park, with the hills and pathways that mimic another zoo I had my externship at. My co-worker, from the first zoo, was with me in the dream and on my team. We were trying to solve the escape “room” puzzles, while she’s trying to open some dial to the next clue further ahead, up this rock climbing wall, I randomly have a kitten I am carrying around in my hand that is wearing a jacket with a hoodie. The kitten suddenly goes into cardiopulmonary arrest, and I’m running with this kitten in my hand performing CPR and looking for my friend or anyone to help. Bizarrely the kittens jaw also pops off, and while I’m performing CPR it’s losing fluid, then actually starts coughing up the fluid. Then I wake up.

So, I’m exhausted. Obviously running on fumes. I’m trying to understand why suddenly I have these dreams. There are all sorts of dream interpretations on the internet. How you’re trying to escape things in your life, or crush a part of your own personality that you dislike, or just a general level of stress.

But then I started going down the list of different vitamins and supplements I’m taking while TTC. Recently, in the last few days, I started to take another form of folic acid - methyl folate - which is supposed to be more easily absorbed, making it better for prevention of neural tube defects in your baby. I looked up the side effects, which include altered sleep patterns - so maybe this one is not for me!

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