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Depression and Happiness

Updated: Apr 19

I was telling my husband the other day that 2020 was going to be our year. He's had some positive feedback with his work projects, we're trying to build a family, and I have just started getting a handle on my depression.

Depression in veterinary medicine is nothing new. Suicide is not uncommon, and even affects people who aren't little me and you, but 'famous' veterinarians too. Take Dr. Sophia Yin for instance. How?? Depression is a complicated thing. It's not just sadness, it's not just you want to no longer live, and for me, I function somewhat normally when I have outlets for my stress and anxiety.

Prior to Christmas, I took an online test for depression, that was pretty darn close to the test my family doctor gave me when I went to her with my concerns. I just never thought I was depressed because I have never had thoughts of suicide.

I actually suffer a lot more in the winter time. In Canada, the winter days are short, we rarely see the light of day - pending what shifts we are working, driving to work in the dark to sit in our office fluorescent lights, and then driving home in the dark - which is part of the reason I am here writing into the cyber world, because I am not happy.

This post however, marks my steps towards happiness. My husband is busy reading a news article about the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, and outside it is a gray, rainy January Sunday, so what is there to be happy about? I have Gary Vee's book sitting beside me, to credit the motivation to start something new towards my passion and towards working for happiness.

So, welcome to those of you reading. Stay tuned for posts on the day in a life of a depressed veterinarian, in the pursuit of happiness!

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