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What a racket!

For our anniversary I purchased some inexpensive tennis rackets for my hubby and I. We’d never really played, though hubby said he used to play by himself when he was younger, a product of being a loner kid with minimal friends due to changing schools so many times.

So we hit the tennis court yesterday. Our condo building’s gym and pool is still closed due to COVID, but they have allowed us to play singles tennis. My core and shoulders are pretty tight today! We’ve booked for today again, so let’s see how that goes.

It’s just nice to do something together. Hubby has been working on three jobs these past few weeks, which makes for connecting as a couple difficult. We try to make small little things, let sitting down for dinner together and sitting down for an ice cream treat, as something special for us. You kind of have to do those things given how busy we are and the world being shut down. Or I should say, our world in Toronto - I know other countries and cities are not. Toronto is going to have mandatory wearing of masks until at least September. What have you been doing to cope during COVID?

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