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Work-Life Balance

Updated: Apr 27

When your day off is truly not a day off... that was today. Perhaps it is partially my fault. When I got home last night Indi was waiting for me, and we decided to lay down for a bit. I didn’t sleep, though I had intentions too - there was construction going on, so I couldn’t. So today, I had to log in to finish up my records. I do like to have them done the day of so that I don’t forget some details. Some folks get to go home after work, and not really think about work. That’s not the case for the veterinary professionals.

My colleague messaged me this morning to mention that one of our clients came by to say thank-you. I had recently euthanized their dog, and the owner specifically came in to thank me. That was a tough case, so it brings back those memories and we start thinking about the case again. So, work-life balance does not always work out in our favour.

Today, I went out to visit my family. My oldest niece has a book she’s been answering daily questions in, and one of the questions was what she was thankful for that day - she said having auntie come visit :) We went sledding, had a nail painting party and did some crafts. Definitely a busy-body and entertaining - we had some good laughs when she was goofing around on the sled - getting air time and somersaulting off the sled. These moments make it easier to forgot about work!

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